Unlike nation states, international corporations rarely give a damn about geopolitical conflicts as long as said conflicts don’t impair profits. That being said, it’s time someone made a case for a Non-Economic Aggression Pact. In business to make money, not war, the corporate community must take the initiative to uncouple global economics from inherent geopolitical instability.

Under The Non-Economic Aggression Agreement, no person, corporation or nation state could be forced to participate in sanctioning another nation if said sanctions will adversely impact its own interest. Any signatory to the agreement would be able to conduct business as usual with whomever they choose without fear of retaliation for non-compliance by more powerful nations.

While it may be necessary to find tough legal remedies to discourage blatant violations of international norms, the arbitrary and disproportional utilization of international sanctions by a select few Western entities has legitimately been called into question.

Going forward, any nation state facing international sanctions, could demand a hearing before an independent and impartial body to judge the validity of any and all evidence brought by the accusing parties. Like most legal proceedings, the burden of proof would rest with the accuser.

Under the Non-Economic Aggression Agreement, all voting/judgments would be conducted by secret ballot to keep predator nations from unduly influencing the outcome. BTW, although the Non-Economic Aggression Agreement is primarily meant to prevent governments from intimidating international business, this agreement would perform just as well for nation to nation alliances.

Failing to provide irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing that rises to the level of international intervention, any unsanctioned unilateral actions taken against the accused by the accuser would be met with international sanctions until restitution has been paid to the wrongly accused.

Non-Economic Aggression Pact Makes Money Not War

Without providing anything remotely resembling facts, the Unites States is urging the international business community to cooperate in pressuring Russia to stand down in Ukraine. While European leaders are at least paying lip service to the Obama administration’s dogged demands for a show of unity through stronger sanctions, the European business community is clearly dragging its feet.

Challenged by preexisting agreements, fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders and the certainty of a negative impact on the global economy, international business leaders have found themselves inadvertently taking sides in a conflict beyond their control and or interest.

Bottom line: What the world needs now, is someone willing to seriously propose a Non-Economic Aggression Pact. Geopolitical foes must be deterred from waging economic warfare against one another at the expense of greater global economic interests. A Non-Economic Aggression Agreement would provide protections to individuals, corporations and nation states preferring to opt out of the lynch mob mentality, while limiting its exposure to the whims of the world. Well, at least its a better idea than any proposed to date!

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