Utilizing language even a committed partisan Republican could comprehend, President Obama reintroduced Americans to American values by introducing American values to U.S. counter terrorism policies. Explaining a progressive approach to countering a progressive conflict, Obama made efforts to clear the air, while cleaning the slate.

In one of the most comprehensive speeches of his presidency, Barack Obama confronted the hottest domestic and international controversies of our time; Guantanamo Bay, Targeted Drone Strikes and past transgressions as they related to Torture.

Clearly recalibrating America’s response in countering terrorist activities, the administration made a convincing argument for smaller, smarter, more effect and less costly and intrusive military engagements. In doing so, the President allayed the fears of constitutional crazies, that no American would have to fear being targeted for elimination on a bench in Central Park. But he also made clear, any American proven to have traded flags to plan and perpetrate crimes against Americans/humanity from abroad will be dealt with, lethally efficiently.

Seemingly, the purpose of the speech was to help Americans better appreciate the foes they face as well as the every changing face of said foes. Considering the extreme metamorphosis the Al Qaeda threat has undergone due to years of pounding and pursuit, it was encouraging to see the administration’s awareness of the changes and its willingness to make the appropriate adjustments. Different Strokes for Different Foes.

This President is making it obvious, that the United States is ready to redefine the terms of the current conflict, before the current conflict can permanently redefine the United States. From tap dancing on and tip toeing around the first amendment to deal with classified leaks, the President reiterated the critical importance of a free press in order to hold government accountable. In order to back up the words, he’s initiating stringent mechanisms to ensure an unfettered American free press both in principal and practice.

The depth and range of the President’s remarks made for good first steps, but we hope its not too little too late. While we can see this strategy yielding positive results, it remains unclear if his Congress will yield long enough for said results can be realized by the people. Even still, will the world at large accept his explanation for the agonizing delays in the United States coming to terms with its self?