Issues Under Fire: The Obama Legacy: In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb
To say it was difficult to select the final post for Issues Under Fire before our annual Winter Break would be an understatement at best. Considering we unpack and analyze the most difficult issues facing the planet, finding the right story to fit these Dark Times required much thought and retrospection. And were it not for a fleeting thought, for which its origin remains unknown, we’d still be pondering that task. But, it was the infuriating idea of victorious jackals brutally savaging Barack Obama’s legacy of having the audacity to offer hope that provided the inspiration. Please, allow us to explain.
Like an Egyptian Pharaoh or Roman Emperor no longer loved or respected, Barack Obama’s successors won’t be satisfied until his administration is only remembered for incompetence and failure, if allowed to be remembered at all. As far as the “victors” are concerned, the Obama administration did absolutely nothing to add value to the country. They’re saying Barack Obama was a drag on the economy. He was a job killing regulatory fanatic. He was anti-business. He was a foreign policy disaster. He was soft on terrorism. He allowed illegals to run free all over the country. He was weak and needlessly apologetic. But worst of all, he gave American jobs to China. They’re saying President Obama was a mistake never to be made again. And thus, he should be forever forgotten. It’s how the jackals cackle when feasting on the fallen. 
For some, they won’t need much convincing. They never could bring themselves to accept the first Black President. After all, Barack Obama was a mystery they couldn’t understand, nor wanted to. So, anybody who’d feed them a clue or two, no matter how vile or unsubstantiated, it was good enough for them. These people wanted President Obama to fail. It was no secret. They said so. His enemies publicly and proudly vowed to make Barack Obama a one term President, no matter what he tried to accomplish. They even shut down the government and lowered the nation’s credit rating to cripple his administration’s efforts. They promised to be an obstacle to progress and they were. And it’s because of that destructive obstructionism they used to foil progress, we find it so infuriating the cackling jackals are having the last word.  
However, for others, it’s impossible to ignore or outright dismiss the condition of America when Barack Obama entered the Oval Office. The global economy was collapsing. The nation was bleeding jobs by the minute as small and mid-sized businesses were closing their doors everyday. Foreclosure had become a household word. Both Wall Street and Main Street were drowning in the Red. And not only was America fighting two wars, but it appeared as though the whole world hated the United States at that time. By any measure, America’s immediate future was as bleak as it be to say the least. But these are facts and this is history we’re no longer to consider. To tell this story going forward, none of the above was ever so, the jackals will cackle.
The fact that the DOW Jones hovers near 20,000, unemployment has been brought below pre-economic melt-down percentages and more Americans have access to healthcare than any other time in the nation’s history, has to be a coincidence, an accident, a positive consequence occurring purely by chance. Or better yet, it was the GOP’s vigilant resistance to President Obama’s overreaching policies that produced these favorable outcomes. The fact that President Obama has deported more undocumented Latinos and authorized more Hellfire drone strikes against Muslim militants than any other U.S. Commander-in-Chief, while at the same time protecting both those venerable demographics from racial and religious persecution in this country was no easy trick. But trivial details such as these will be denied or determined to be irrelevant to the fabricated narrative the jackals are spinning. Unfortunately, it’s what happens when the victor writes history.
Bottom line: Barack Obama may have entered America’s body politic like a lion, but sadly, he’s exiting it like a lamb. It is the victors who’ll now write Barack Obama’s political epitaph. And in doing so, the cackling jackals will usher in the Dark Times. The cackling jackals will claim reversing this, repealing that and overturning everything else the first Black President hoped to change is the only way to repair the damage Barack Obama did to America. The cackling jackals will claim it’s the only way to make America great again. And many will believe them. But the “Others” will know better. They’ll understand the facts, remember the truth and refuse to forget what President Barack Obama tried to do. Hopefully, the “Others” will tell their children. It’s the only way to keep hope alive in these Darkest of Times. C-Ya Next Year. Podcast below.