The Parisian Pollution Solution & Trump Selects Climate Denialist to Head EPA
This week, Paris Mayor, Ann Hildago announced all public transportation to be free as well as barring some cars from the roads due to the worst and most prolonged winter air pollution problem in France’s capital city in 10 years. This week, NASA announced it’s currently tracking the possibility of a Delaware-sized iceberg chipping off Antarctica that will eventually contribute to rising sea levels. This week, Donald Trump announced climate change denier and Big Oil supporter Scott Pruitt to take charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And while you probably need no explanation as to what this means, we’re gonna give you one just the same. So, look out below.
When Paris is forced to impose a strict odd-even license plate driving day system, with fines of €35 for non-compliance, in order for its citizens to breath and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reports they’re looking at a 70 mile long, 300 foot wide and a third of mile deep crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf (an ice shelf being the floating part of a glacier), one has to wonder what planet Donald Trump and his Big Rich pals are living on. The evidence is clear.The science has been tested and verified. Consensus among the best and brightest has been reached and the solutions are on the table. So what’s the problem? What’s the hold up? Why the denials? Well, we think the answer is simple. The greed of the Big Rich and the willful ignorance of those in need of work. Any work at all.
Since we’re well past the argument of whether mankind’s activities are the cause of climate change, we have no choice but to explain the obvious. It’s the greedy Big Rich and the willfully ignorant who’ll do anything to feed their families. As long as a dollar can be found digging in a coal mine or drilling for oil beneath a river, aquifer or the ocean’s floor, the Big Rich will pay someone ignorant of the long term consequences a penny to dig and drill for that coal and that oil. The profits are huge for the Big Rich and the pay is generally better than anything a coal miner or oil driller can make doing anything else. It’s a match made in the Hell of Capitalism. And the Big Rich wouldn’t have it any other way.
While it may sound insensitive or even a bit cruel to call out the hardworking men and women who have no way of supporting their families other than risking black lung disease, an ignoramus, willful or not, is not a necessarily a stupid person. Ignorance merely means you don’t know. Ignorant people can learn. And the fact that ignorant people can learn, begs one to wonder why they refuse to try. Well, that answer is simple, too. To learn is to know. To know is to change. And change is scary. As long as the Big Rich keeps telling their lowly workers to ignore every scientific study by the world’s foremost climatologists, in favor of a steady paycheck, they’ll do so happily until the earth boils. Which by the way brings us right back to what planet does the Big Rich live on. Could it be, they have another planet of their own “We the People” aren’t privy to?
Perhaps the Big Rich have plans the rest of us aren’t aware of just yet. Perhaps they’ve already bought up all the coolest locations on the planet with plenty of fresh water, clean air and wide open unpolluted spaces. Or, perhaps Big Rich billionaire guys like Elon Musk of Space X and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic  are really building an exit strategy for those in the  one percent. Perhaps when the Big Rich have finally depleted this once paradise of its last life supporting natural resources, they’ll simply pack up and leave. The Big Rich could be planning to build an Elysium-like world for themselves. A clean, safe, energy efficient, self-sustaining Garden of Eden far above the filthy skies of Old Earth.
Bottom line: There can be no doubt, the Big Rich are fully aware of planet earth’s struggle to support 7,432,663,275 people (and counting). There can be no doubt, the Big Rich are selfishly gambling with the future of viable human life on earth against massive profits, unlimited power and in total control of any resource, be it fertile land, fresh water or the very air we breathe. There can be no doubt the Big Rich couldn’t give less of a good God Damn about how the 99 percent of the planet’s inhabitants will cope with rising waters, blazing heat and polluted air. And since there can be no doubt, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to reverse the damage once we’ve gone too far, the Big Rich must be challenged now. They cannot be allowed to win this fight. Podcast below.