It’s not often we find ourselves agreeing with Donald Trump, but when he said his supporters were robbed in Colorado, he’s not far from telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

While his campaign was clearly incompetent in its failure to understand how Colorado’s delegate selection process worked, the ugly fact remains, “We The People” of Colorado didn’t have a voice or a vote in that process. Yes, as much as we hate to admit it, Trump is right. This is not Democracy as Americans have traditionally understood it to be.
If asked, few average voters would think it fair that a close nit click of Party insiders could establish rules governing the election process that fundamentally disenfranchises the voters. If asked, the average voter would think when the primaries arrive in their fair state, this is his/her one opportunity to make a choice, to make a difference. Why else would the average voter stand on long lines for hours, sometimes in the hot sun, pouring rain or sleet and snow to participate?
If the average voter understood how “tweekable” the American political process actually is, political participation and voter turnout in this country would drop even further and faster than it already has. If the average American realized how many voters have become Independents, in favor of a viable alternative to the Established corporate funded two Party system, they’d also realize they have the numbers in their favor to establish a third Party of their own. A third Party that would represent “We the People” and not a Party that’s committed to representing the Party.
If fact, it’s because of establishment Party politics, a candidate like Donald Trump is doing so well despite Party bosses doing everything possible to derail his people’s will. And by the way, this is in no way limited to the GOP. The Democratic Party has been just as manipulative in managing their faithful followers. While the RNC has been more obvious in the way it’s forcing it’s choice on Republican voters, the DNC made sure the Democrats had so few serious choices, the outcome for the most part, was predetermined. This is not to say Bernie Sanders isn’t a great candidate, it’s just that, like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders was never expected to actually pose a threat.
As soon as Trump began showing signs of gaining traction with his message of changing business as usual in Washington and Sanders countered with his message of changing business as usual on Wall Street, “We The People” finally had candidates they could relate to and rally behind. But again, these candidates were unanticipated accidents that never should have seen the light of day after Iowa. When either Party said they were looking forward to a rigorous debate over the issues for the benefit of “We The People”, they were being disingenuous at best, butlying through their teeth is likely closer to the truth.
The very fact that Trump says, as President he’d take a neutral stance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Sanders countering with how brutally Gaza was bombed during Israel’s 2014’s Operation Protective Edge is testament that neither of these two candidates fit the description of the usual suspects spouting the Party line. They are two things you just don’t do in American politics if you want to be elected or avoid being challenged once you are. One, you never say anything negative about Israel and two, you never say anything positive about the Palestinians.
Bottom line: In the finally analysis of America’s 2016 presidential election, it has become painfully obvious, this is not now and never has been a battle between the Republican and Democratic Parties, with Independents hopelessly caught in the crossfire. This battle has always been between “We The People” and American’s corrupt political establishment. On the DNC’s side, it’s been nobody but Hillary and for the RNC, it’s been anybody but Trump. This is anything but Democracy.
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