As you may recall, yesterday was to be our last posting for the season, so we could get out of Dodge early this year, enjoy the summer and set a fresh course for life moving forward.

But just as all systems were being shut down and lights turned off, a news alert of President Obama’s planned visit to Spain this July popped up. According to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the President will arrive shortly after Spain holds its nation’s critical election on June 26. The news ticked us off. Please, allow us to explain.

Because the uncommitted and Independents were disallowed participation in the New York Democratic primary, we got on a plane and watched the results come in from a hotel in Madrid. We went there to see for ourselves how people in this socialist-based economy lived, worked and played. We went there to see the lifestyle, the standard of living and how this culturally, ethnically and racially diverse nation interacted with itself. We wanted to know if the trains ran on time. We wanted to know if the streets were clean and safe. We wanted to know how Spain dealt with issues like childcare, poverty and the elderly.
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We also wanted to know about Spain’s criminal justice system, its drug laws and policies related thereto. We wanted to understand how Spain provided quality healthcare and university level education at less than a fraction of what it costs in the United States. We wanted to know if Spain was a tech savvy nation with a competitive and promising future. We wanted to assess the strength and durability of Spain’s political structure. But all these things aside, we wanted to know if the people of Spain were happy, healthy and forward thinking. We wanted to learn everything we could in our visit and that’s just what we did.

The more we learned about Spain’s socialist based economic model, the more we could appreciate what Bernie Sanders is fighting for. The more we witnessed Spain’s commitment to family, its respect for workers and its investments in its people, the more we understood how capitalism without regulation can breed inhumanity systemically. But, it’s when we learned Spain spent less than 6 billion Euros on defense last year compared to the Obama administration’s request of $560.4 billion for the Department of Defense in fiscal year 2015, the picture became crystal clear. Spain was a model to follow and we knew where Bernie got some of his ideas from.
So if you haven’t figured out why we’re so ticked off at President Obama yet, the answer is simple. We believe President Obama is fully aware of successfully functioning, socialist leaning economic models that are providing lifestyles worth living. We believe President Obama is fully aware of Spain’s balanced approach in delivering basic social services, while working with local, national and international entities to create profitable business opportunities. And since we believe President Obama is fully aware Americans would be far better off without the millstone of unbridled capitalism hung around the nation’s neck, is why we’re struggling to continue believing in President Obama.
Bottom line: If President Barack Obama’s visit to Spain is anything like ours was and he still returns to the United States willing to enthusiastically embrace, endorse and campaign for Hillary Clinton, there can be only two explanations for his actions. A) President Obama is as corrupt as everyone else in Washington D.C. is or B) President Obama isn’t nearly as bright as he’s been credited to be. Either way, we’re really ticked off and we’re not giving up on Bernie Sanders until the last card is played.
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