Edward Snowden Enters Russia With Asylum

Secretly hustled out of Moscow’s Sheremtyevo airport, the young American whistleblower regained his freedom of movement via support from the Russian government. Snowden, wasting no time in making tracks without a trace to a space providing safety and security, did so seemingly as slickly and seamlessly as he slipped in from Hong Kong 39 days ago.

One can only imagine the jaw dropping anger the White House must be experiencing as Russia’s Valdimir Putin just slam-dunked all up in President Obama’s face. Clearly back on defense, the administration’s spin-doctors will be working overtime tonight trying to come up with some face saving response to this blatant DIS!

After the ridiculous letter from the DOJ’s Eric Holder last week, essentially promising the U.S. wouldn’t put the screws to the kid and stating they just wanted to get their hands on him, the Russians sniffed out the obvious scent of weakness and desperation and went straight for the jugular, by giving Snowden his only way out.

After the Bradley Manning conviction that could bring that soldier more than a hundred years in prison for leaking classified documents, perhaps the Russians took Snowden’s claims of severe retribution more seriously. While the U.S. may do its best to treat Snowden humanely in public, most know by now the ways and means the U.S. can and do use to make people extremely uncomfortable. Hence his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena’s response:

“He is the most wanted man on planet Earth. What do you think he is going to do? He has to think about his personal security. I cannot tell you where he is going,”  “I put him in a taxi 15 to 20 minutes ago and gave him his certificate on getting refugee status in the Russian Federation,” he said. “He can live wherever he wants in Russia. It’s his personal choice.”

No matter how you cut it, the United States is losing the public relations battle over this issue internationally and the Obama administration is losing respect, if not worse domestically. It seems the more the Obama administration tries to make Edward Snowden out to be an enemy of the state, the more the world is making President Obama look like an enemy of the people.