While examining some of the issues that’s contributed to the arrested development of Black American, a lack of Black leadership at the community level was strikingly evident. With so many Black youth growing up fatherless and directionless, the need for community Godfathers and Godmothers is overwhelming.
Every Black neighborhood should have a respected elder, advising a council of engaged leaders, charged with overseeing community affairs. When problems arise, be they family, financial or legal, there should be a person or persons, someone could go to for advice and direction. When a mother is having problems with a troubled son or a wayward daughter, there should be someone willing and able to intervene other than the police.
Currently, Black community leaders have done a poor job of managing and addressing core concerns of Black America, because the current crop of Black leaders are rarely Black America’s best and brightest. While many mean well, most simply don’t have the education, skill sets, social networking experience or the resources to handle the role of a community Godfather/Godmother. And BTW, competent effective leadership from the Black Church is a myth.
Moving forward, leadership development and recruitment is critical. What can not be developed from within predominately Black communities, successful and accomplished Black professionals and business people must be persuaded to return and reengage. Otherwise, the blind will continue to lead the blind from one Black protest march to another.
Along with strong Black leadership, there is a critical shortage of skilled Black educators and motivators. Considering the rap against Blacks has been, they just don’t have what it takes to learn like others, its imperative Black schools are populated with Black instructors who don’t share that view.
Few can effectively educate and motivate Black children when they don’t believe in or understand those Black children. And nobody can understand a Black child better than somebody whose been a Black child. Remember, while Black children matter, in reality, those Black children don’t matter much beyond the Black community.
When Black leaders, educators and motivators find statistics showing the Black demographic lagging in every measure denoting success, they should take that personally. They should view those statistics as an embarrassment and a challenge. They should not accept the status quo. They should feel compelled to do something to redefine the Black experience.
Bottom line: If Black America don’t want to continue being disrespected, it is imperative the process of instilling confidence through educational achievement start yesterday. Incorporating these common sense ideas with a sense of urgency will begin to net positive results very quickly. And with those positive results, an appetite for pursuing more intellectual challenging career options, will become evident. Once again, this is something only Blacks can do for Blacks, for nobody else can or will even try.
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