How to Rig An Election or The Fallacy of Democracy
Since Donald Trump’s rants of a rigged election are growing too loud to be ignored, we thought we’d raise the ante by casting doubt on the legitimacy of America’s entire political process. While Donald Trump is correct in his assertions that this election is rigged, he is woefully incorrect as to how the rigging is accomplished. There is no voter fraud. The voters are being defrauded. And, no it’s not the Russians. Let us explain.
While there’s always a few screwballs and zealots willing to risk the legal consequences for casting an extra vote or two, there’s little evidence to support the notion that there’s enough of them to sway the outcome of an election. There’s also little evidence to indicate America’s undocumented element will be participating on election day. Nor is there any evidence to suggest Americans will show up in large numbers with fake I.D.’s or none at all. We also covered the usual suspected methods of voter fraud like voter suppression, voter intimidation, vote buying, ballot stuffing and disenfranchisement and found nothing raising concerns. And since voting machines are carefully monitored by multiple layers of security, rigging an election has to occur on an entirely different level.
What American voters are unaware of, is the level of authority that exists above those they vote for to represent their interests. This level of authority determines which candidates will be on the ballot for every major political contest. Carefully vetted for ideology, loyalty and an unwavering commitment to supporting “certain” allies and foreign policies, these are the candidates chosen to be America’s choices. The campaigns, debates, millions spent on negative ads and the media’s 24/7 blow by blow Twitter coverage is just political stage-crafting. Think about it, if Americans really had a choice, do you think they would have chosen Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to lead this country? Don’t you think it’s a mystery how the two most disliked and untrustworthy people imaginable could even become their respective Party’s nominee? BTW, these are rhetorical questions. 
So, by now you must be asking yourselves, who are these unknown authorities that have the power to make a mockery of America’s Democratic process. The honest answer is, we’re not sure. And if we were, we don’t have proof. Nobody does. But we do know this: these are the people who land at private airports, skipping customs. They hop on private helicopters for quick flights to a helipad atop a Manhattan skyscraper. These people’s feet never touch the ground. After a short ride in a private elevator to a posh boardroom or penthouse, they’re ready to do business. The business of running the world. And when they return home, it’s not behind gated estates, these people retreat to private islands.
Generally, these people prefer to remain faceless and nameless. The secret to their success has always been anonymity. While you’ll see or hear about billionaires like Sheldon Adelson  David Koch  and George Sorros throwing money around to move the political needle, the reality is, true movers and shakers rarely ever appear in public, let alone, in or on the news. It’s from behind heavily secured closed doors these “ultimate deciders” plan and plot the course of world events. And the American political process is merely one of many world events they plan and plot.
Now, if you’ve stuck with us this far, you might as well consider the rest of our conspiracy theory – in many instances, these faceless, nameless creatures aren’t even American citizens. English might even be their second or third language. In fact, borders, flags and individual nation states are irrelevant concepts to the “ultimate deciders.” Yes, foreign entities with global interests and global reach are routinely influencing the outcomes of elections all over the world. To put it simply, with globalization came voter marginalization. So don’t feel bad, it’s not just us.
Bottom line: This circus-like spectacle masquerading as America’s 2016 general election is no more than a mean joke being played on the ignorant. When you see huge crowds of supporters holding placards and banners, while cheering wildly for their so-called “choice” and long lines of Americans standing on their feet for hours waiting to cast their vote, you’re only witnessing the atmospherics of Democracy. Bluntly speaking, America’s 2016 general election is just a brilliantly produced farce, designed to keep the fallacy of Democracy alive. Podcast below.