After going half way around the world investigating the theft of the American Dream, and who murdered the American Middle Class, I was struck to find the primary culprit was right here at home. But a few miles away in lower Manhattan, it was the titans of banking and the free market capitalist of Wall Street that stole the American Dream. By allowing Capitalism to run amok, the American Middle Class had no chance of surviving in a cut throat Capitalistic environment, where only the strongest survive.

The only way to reach the panicle of financial success in a capitalistic system is to understand the principals of dog eat dog, every man and or women for themselves and survival of the fittest. The idea of the weak inheriting the earth is mere religious propaganda to give the suckers false hope.

With a tax system increasingly designed to favor the wealthy, the full burden of funding public services and social programs falls on an increasingly shrinking Middle Class. That’s why roads bridges and schools are falling apart. That’s why children and seniors are going hungry. That’s why you can work two full time jobs and still can’t feed your family in America.

For those who prefer evidence with their rhetoric, we’d advise you to look no further than across the Hudson River at the state of New Jersey. Facing a crippling budget deficit of more than 800 million USD, Republican governor Chris Christie refuses to consider taxing high income earners in his state another penny. At the same time, the following headline from (Reuters) reads like this – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Tuesday he will slash the state’s contributions to its public pensions by nearly 60 percent, or $2.3 billion, for this and next fiscal year combined in order to close a large, unexpected revenue shortfall.

For those who need more to be convinced, grab a copy of French economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. If that don’t straighten your ass out and if you can afford it, you might want take a field trip to Paris and just talk to the people. That’s how I became enlightened.

Bottom line: Since the rich don’t use public services or social programs, they have no incentive to contribute to them. Since the multinational corporation’s only responsibility is to shareholder value, they have no incentive to invest in America’s Middle Class or any reason to be concerned with the overall decline in America as a nation. Until the American worker has been reduced in value equalling those of emerging nations, with expectations sufficiently lowered to avoid any serious challenges to the status quo,the legions of left behind losers will grow.

Like two ships passing in the night, the cruise ship Capitalism heads to safe and bountiful harbors, while the rust bucket of American Dreams, sinks quietly in a dense fog. The only thing more depressing than any of the above, is the fact that many Americans still believe elections matter.