When Team Clinton heard the news of Bernie Sanders’ Vatican invite to speak on social, economic and environmental issues (all primary concerns of the internationally popular Pope Francis), one has to wonder how they planned to downplay the story.

Having difficulties spinning this story to minimize the significance of her not being invited, must have the Clintons in a frenzy. If only this observer could have been the proverbial fly on the wall to experience the campaign’s frantic reaction.
While Hillary Clinton spent the weekend distancing herself from her husband’s policies that led to the mass incarceration of generations of African American men, Bernie Sanders was planning to speak on the idolatry of money, global income inequality and how to inject a bit of morality into the world’s economy with Pope Francis in attendance. Having Sanders being linked with the most pro-people person in the world, could further expose Hillary Clinton’s difficulties convincing voters she’s any kind of people  person at all.
Considering Bernie Sanders’ policies line up almost identically with what Pope Francis has been preaching, it’ll be interesting to see what the unlikely Jewish socialist and the Holiest of Holy Fathers duo can do to shift the flow of wealth from the greedy to the needy. According to Sanders, “What the Pope has been clear about is linking the issue of morality with the global economy and making the point that you can’t have a moral economy when so many people are living in poverty.” “He has raised the issue more than any other person on the planet and I am very proud to be with him in the Vatican,” And this is precisely why the Clinton camp has reason to worry and worry a lot.
With Sanders taking his message globally, if only for a day or two, it gives his campaign a huge boost domestically. Coming off this trip to the Vatican, Sanders can return pounding the Clinton campaign over income inequality, breaking up the banks that are funding her political existence and run away corruption in the world’s financial sectors. Only this time, he can do it with the Pope’s blessings. And after the revelations of the Panama Papers , American voters will be even more open to the idea that the system is rigged against them in favor of the wealthy, as well as who’s most likely to be committed to doing something about it.
Since Hillary Clinton has been accurately and effectively defined as the establishment’s representative of the global corporate class and the world’s filthy rich, it’s no wonder she wasn’t considered for her input and or advice from Vatican officials. And having a $2700 a plate fundraiser in Hong Kong the same day Sanders has an audience with the Pope certainly doesn’t help Clinton’s big money connections image one bit. In fact, allowing Hillary Clinton a seat at the table to discuss the perils of the world’s weak and the meek, would be tantamount to inviting a wolf into the henhouse.
Bottom line: Although panic mode may still be a ways off, the optics of Clinton’s rival being invited to collaborate with the Pope only four days before New Yorkers head to the polls, has to be cause for concern to say the least. After coming off a slew of primary victories heading into New York’s near make or break contest for the Senator from Vermont, getting what could amount to a subtle but very noticeable Vatican nod of approval, could give Sanders just the miracle he needs to pull off an upset in Hillary Clinton’s Empire State.
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