Because everyone else will be focusing on the Oregon and Kentucky primary results today, considering the fallout from the Democrat’s Nevada State convention incident, we thought a deeper analysis of why Sanders supporters are going off on the DNC is warranted.

Besides, this is more fun. And by the way, for those thinking a call to chill is coming, you’d be wise to think again.

Running for president is a lot like playing high stakes poker in a casino. And you need a lot of money to buy your way into the game. If you’re not rich, you need backers to back your play. If your backers aren’t rich, they’re likely to be nervous. They’re likely to be anxious. They’re likely to be suspicious of everybody at the table and in the room. They trust no one but who they came with. And in this game, they came with Bernie.
For those who’ve sat in on private card games with big stakes at risk, the smart player will try to spot the sucker at the table as soon as possible. If they can’t spot the sucker, it’s a safe bet, they’re it. Once the smart player understands the deck is stacked, the cards are marked and the game is rigged, they know the house is crooked and they’d better get out before it’s too late.
Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders and his backers didn’t realize just how crooked the DNC’s game really was until they’d bet the farm. With their blood, sweat and tears, Sanders supporters raised tens of millions at $27.00 per donation (on average) to pay for his seat at the table. These people were betting their lives and their futures on Bernie. These people were all in, even though many are down to their very last left to lose.
Now realizing they’ve been robbed throughout the entire process, no one should be surprised to see punches thrown, chairs flying and insults hurled at the DNC’s political gamesters in Nevada or anywhere else, going forward. While this post is in no way condoning the aggressive actions of those “justifiably frustrated”, no one should be shocked at the death threats, social media attacks or even how they forced the Nevada State’s Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lang to flee the scene like a _____ (you fill in the blank).
When we hear establishment leaning analysts and experts castigating Sanders for not talking his supporters down or folding up his tent sooner than later to avoid hurting the chances of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the fall, in this observer’s opinion, they’re only exposing the fact that they simply don’t get it or are being paid handsomely to pretend they don’t. In fact, if the so-called experts had any idea of what’s really going on, they’d have concluded six months ago, Bernie Sanders supporters are voting for Bernie Sanders not the Democrats.
Bernie Sanders doesn’t give a damn about Hillary Clinton’s chances in the fall and his supporters (many of which are Independents) don’t give a damn about the Democratic Party. Both Sanders and his supporters know Hillary Clinton can’t beat Donald Trump without their backing and after being lied to, cheated and robbed for so long, many are pushing Sanders to contest the convention and run as an independent. After all, what else do they have to lose. At least they can walk away with their principles.
Bottom line: Palming all the aces before the first hand was dealt, Sanders supporters were played for suckers from the very beginning of the race. And it hurts like hell for them to have to admit that fact. It’s the kind of hurt that builds anger and resentment. This is the kind of anger and resentment that eats away at your insides until you do something about it. It demands satisfaction and some people will only be satisfied after they’ve kicked somebody’s teeth in. Remember, this is the real world. You don’t get over shit like this overnight. And some people never do.
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