Sequestration Watch, witnessing America commit fiscal suicide:

Sequestration, the suicidal economic threat once thought to be so insane, only the irrational would seriously consider it, is now being considered. In doing so, America is publicly acknowledging its no longer in charge of its own fiscal faculties.

The fact that Congress has failed to comport itself rationally for years, begs one to wonder why such an option was ever placed before it. Hence, all the finger pointing over who came up with the idea in the first place. Actually, no matter who initiated the frantic approach to the fiscal crisis, all are responsible since all willingly signed off on the concept.

However, if indeed it was the Obama administration that first advanced the notion of sequestration, then its the President who should be held at the very least, proportionally accountable for this fiscal madness. President Obama, above all should have made the correct calculation that sequestration to some is only a small first step. No matter how devastating the outcome of allowing the arbitrary cuts will be to every level of government and sector of private enterprise, to the fiscally suicidal, the bloodier the better.

The President, not anticipating that America’s blatantly corrupt and character flawed Congress would find opportunity in sequestration, could be the height of negligence. Failing to factor in the high levels of ignorance, baseless obstinance, reckless obstructionism and near treasonous acts of defiance has left the nation exposed to needless pain through excessive austerity measures.

On March 1, the fuse will be lit to singe the lives of millions here in the United States and beyond. Once started, there will be no way to put the flames out. Through sheer spite, extremist in an ethically and intellectually bankrupt legislative body will accelerate the nation’s decline through fiscal immolation just to make a short term stand.

Watching this country’s dramatic economic suicide attempt slowly play out may seem ghoulish to many, but someone has to properly document and explain this senseless and shameful tragedy.
More tomorrow!