Since the international trend is to debate whether its in the best interest of populations to remain committed to a nation’s current configuration or to seek independence and or autonomy, we thought what’s good for the goose might be good for the gander. Hong Kong is fighting for more autonomy if not outright independence from mainland China. The United Kingdom is debating if remaining associated with the European Union is in the best interest of its citizens.

While the United Kingdom was deciding whether to breakaway from the E.U., Scotland made a bid to split with the United Kingdom. Spain, is having a devil of a time keeping the Catalonians content enough to stay. If we consider the madness that forced Pro Russian separatist to bid farewell to Ukrainian, one can see many around the world are simply tired of fighting systems that no longer meet their basic needs. Perhaps the United States has reached a similar point in its development.
Perhaps the United States should consider the prospect of trying the two systems, one country concept. To continue pouring billions into corrupt politicians, election cycle after election cycle, only to realize gridlock and obstructionism is ludicrous. This country is hopelessly divided by race, gender, religion, socioeconomic standing, age and ethnicity. The country is irreconcilably split between pro business and pro people mindsets, as well as small government and responsive government philosophies. There are those who support unions and those who bust them. The Reds and The Blues will never bend, so they’ll never blend. That is a fact.
Wouldn’t it make sense for those who love guns, hate taxes, despise diversity and fervently believe in the right to life should have a space of their own to call home? On the other hand, why should those who believe in freedom of choice, gun control, live and let live, investing in healthcare, public education, a strong social safety net and infrastructure should have to coexist with the latter. History has proven, the divide between the Reds and the Blues will only keep growing.
Bottom line: The Rednecks and the True Blues have given the whole united we stand, divided we fall concept a valiant effort, but the reality remains, the nation has surpassed its ability to tolerate itself. If the United States was a marriage, it would be a bad one. This is a marriage consumed with conflict and domestic violence.
Forcing oneself to continue living, working and associating with people you just don’t like, never have and never will, makes no sense at all. Perhaps its time America sought a bit of independence and or autonomy from itself. Perhaps its time “We the People” found out once and for all, which America would prosper and which America would fail.
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