Few words in the english language bring more smiles, enthusiasm, or a real energy boost than Friday. No matter how tired one is Monday thru Thursday, when the thought of Friday pops into one’s head, one seems to find a way to carry on, because Friday is something to look forward to. Friday is not only the end of the week, Friday is the end of looking at people you’d rather not look at for awhile.
Even if you are forced to work Saturdays, you’re likely to have an easier go of things because most management types generally can find a way to get weekends off. And a day without management looking over one’s shoulder is like gold if one is bold enough to seize the opportunity. Hell, you can party all Friday night and show up for work bleary eyed and broken down, but with only your compadres to witness the hangover, you’re bound to get over.
Employers hate Fridays. They know the work flow begins to slow at the end of the five day workweek. Employers know people are showing up late and slipping out early every Friday. They know workers are fed up with their jobs and workplace responsibilities come Thursday afternoon. Why else would employers try to encourage an uptick in employee performance with perks and rewards when they see that lack of enthusiasm building? Why do you think most companies try and celebrate birthdays and employee of the month awarding on Fridays? Why do you think Casual Fridays became all the rage years ago?
Unfortunately for employers, workers don’t fall for that crap any more. If workers aren’t getting paid a living wage, being treated with dignity or just marking time on a dead-end gig, the employers can take their parties and awards and shove them where the sun rarely shines. Most workers would much rather celebrate and party with their real friends, than with people they’d never see again if they could just win a Power-Ball lottery.
The only reason the average office worker loves casual Friday is because they’re already dressed for the weekend when they sneak out earlier than authorized.
Bottom line: Assuming the average person will live to be 70 years old, if you’re 20, you got approximately 2500 Fridays left. But if you’re 60, you only got approximately 500 Fridays left to live. Think about it. Now think about it again. Fridays are special, so don’t waste them working for anybody but yourself. And even then, don’t work hard!
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