As much as we’d hoped the final post of this season could’ve ended on a happier note, we’re forced to report, it’s official, the Political Establishment won the Democratic primary and “We the People” lost.

When it was announced Elizabeth Warren had joined President Obama in endorsing Hillary Clinton, it was obvious, there was nothing left to fight for, nothing left to hope for and worse of all, no one left to trust. Therefore, we’re placing the American people on notice: you’re on your own and it’s time you accepted that as an undeniable fact. We’ve learned too much over the last six months to advise otherwise.

From our observations, America is suffering from a particularly potent strain of corruption, for which there’s no cure or even treatment. And thus, it’s been spreading like a cancer. Since even the most sincere and well meaning of “public servants” appear to have no, or at best, limited immunity to this scourge, we simply didn’t have the heart to leave for summer break without providing a warning. Once infected, these creatures are so for life. They can go on politicking undetected for years. Some have evaded discovery for decades, because it takes an exceptionally astute skeptic to notice the subtle shifts in tone, as they’ll not look, sound or act any differently. Well, not until it’s too late.
No one can say for sure when or how Barack Obama was infected, but we’re prepared to make the case that he was and it may have happened a lot longer ago than many are willing to admit. The Barack Obama who won the hearts and minds of the American people eight years ago by passionately, brilliantly and convincingly making the argument for why Hillary Clinton would be bad for America, is a far cry from the man whose trying to sell her as the best thing since sliced bread today. Generally speaking, an epic flip-flop like this is evidence that a corruption virus has taken hold and the victim may be extremely contagious.

Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Corbis

No one can say for sure when or how Elizabeth Warren was infected, but again, we’re prepared to make the case that it may have happened to her a lot sooner than many want to believe. She seemed so principled. She seemed to be a person of character. She seemed to have a strong moral compass. Elizabeth Warren was the woman “We the People” were counting on to be the alternative to the hopelessly infected Hillary Clinton. Why? Because it was Warren who insinuated Hillary Clinton had taken so much money from Wall Street, she’d be more of a problem than a solution for what’s ailing America’s middle class. And she was right. But again, an about face of this magnitude is a clear sign of contamination.

From our observations, corruption is so endemic to America’s capitalist driven, corporate friendly political process, it should be considered an occupational hazard. Unfortunately, few have what it takes to resist the perks of power, influence and the fortunes to be had, when all they have to do is compromise a few principles and tell a few lies. Power, influence and money for some, is like drugs, the more they get, the more they want. So just like a drug addict, they must be watched and watched carefully at all times. You should never take them at their word. You should shake their hands. And for heaven’s sake, you should never let one kiss your baby. These are the things corrupt public servants do when they’re selling you a bill of goods or selling you out.
Bottom line: As we bid you adieu until our return in the fall, we can only pray you heed this advice: Going forward, trust no one, believe no one and depend on no one but yourselves. And remember, there are no heroes, there is no help coming and you have no friends in high places. Only those who can accept these realities as their new normal, will have the best chance of solving their own problems and shaping their own futures. Until then, good luck as we promise to return in one form or another shortly after Labor Day.