Although our planned season opener was preempted by the Unites States’ slow and agonizing march to war, it did force us to up our game.

Since the President will be making the hard sell for military engagement over the next 48 hours we thought it wise to prepare the minds eye and attune a sharpened ear to the pitch.

With the Herculean task of making nonsense sensible to sensible people, President Obama will look America in the eye and make the inconceivable conceivable; War is on the horizon again. Taking a slow but consistent and deliberate approach, President Obama is staking his legacy as a leader on his ability to stir up a nation’s compassion for others.

Sure to tug on American’s hearts with teary-eyed tales of little children drawing their last breaths in pain, the President will still need the support of the international community and Congress to back his play. The only thing left to say at this point, is “good luck with that”.

Welcome to the season opener of Issues Under Fire.

Issues Under Fire: Syria and Obama’s Slow… by lbines