Syria – The Sob Stories & The Ugly Truth
One would think there could be no sadder tale than that of a small child writhing on the ground in excruciating agony, struggling for each and every breath through bleeding lungs set afire from chemical agents. One would think there could be no sadder tale than that of a mother watching the life leave her toddler’s once bright and hopeful eyes, as she wipes the white foam from her little one’s face for a final kiss goodbye. And yes, it gets worse, for shortly thereafter, she too, dies. Unfortunately, these sad tales don’t even come close to the real sob story behind the Syrian gas attack. If you’ve got a minute, we’ve got an angle to share few have considered.
Our sob story begins with the husband and father of that mother and child mentioned above. We watched this man look into the cameras and beg for help. Yes, he was begging. He begged for somebody, anybody to step in and stop this six years of madness. Through an interpreter and his inconsolable sobbing, we were able to understand his pleas for the United States to do something, anything. This man had nothing. He had no family, no home and no life worth living. He had nothing left but the hope America would be America and come to the rescue. 
Sadly, this man has no idea how America feels about the Syrian people. If he had the CNN app, he’d know the American president has demonized the Syrian people in the eyes of Americans. Americans are being told Syrians and others from “that part of the world” should be feared, shunned and treated with suspicion. He’d know President Trump is doing everything he can to keep Syrians in Syria no matter what their plight and out of the United States by any means necessary. He’d know the United States has neither the resolve nor the resources to do what it takes to end Syria’s daily horror show.
Sadly, this man actually thinks the United States will risk triggering World War Three with Russia, over a sob story that’ll be off the front page in a week. Maybe less. And considering, the who did what and why has yet to be determined, only a fool would rush in where angels fear to tread. This man has no clue how low a priority he and the Syrian people are, at a time when the United States is struggling with how to deal with North Korea. It’s beyond tragic, if this man is still praying for no fly zones, safe spaces for non-combatants and unfettered access to humanitarian aid. The only thing sadder than this man’s predicament is the fact that nobody will tell the poor soul the truth. YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN & YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! 
Bottom line: The reality is, Syria has become a regional issue to be contained until the bleeding stops of its own accord. The United States have come to terms with the fact that Bashar al-Assad poses no existential threat to its national security. Any further intervention, militarily or otherwise, wouldn’t be worth the effort nor the investment. And although President Trump has been doing a lot of barking since this event occurred, save for a few symbolic air strikes and continued words of condemnation, it’s doubtful he’ll have done much more than that when the dust has settled from this toxic storm. We know it’s ugly, but it’s the truth. Podcast below.