According to our editor, it appears we’re starting to beat a dead horse covering the day to day minutia of these 2016 presidential primaries.

And come the think of it, she’s right. Considering we’ve known and reported for months now who the Democrat and Republican nominees would be when the dust finally settled, we’re also considering it might make sense to take this conversation in another direction.
The only problem with that thinking is, Bernie Sanders still has a wild card to play. And we wanted to see how he plays it. If Sanders decides to go out in a blaze of glory by throwing gasoline on America’s out of date, out of touch and out of sync two Party political system, aka Democracy for Dummies to Independent voters, we wanted to be there to hand him the lit match.
After all, what could more exciting than watching Bernie Sanders storm out of the Democratic National Convention with all his supporters in tow, vowing to fight on with a write-in Bernie Sanders campaign. What would the Democrat’s establishment do? How could they spin the open defiance? Think of it. The very nightmare scenario the Democrats envisioned for the GOP would be visited upon them by a fed-up, rogue element, revolting from the Left. How would the Clinton campaign handle the scandal? Now that would be some SH*T to see.
Who knows how many Green Party voters, Independents, thinking Democrats and anyone else refusing to get in the Party line there really are. What if we had a chance to find out? If Donald Trump could marshal the forces of an angry mob to take down the Republican Party, surely aggressive progressives can step up to the challenge. We say let this be a fight to remember. The Left’s best against the Right’s worse.
We’re talking about Independents now. This is America’s thinking class. These people aren’t joiners by nature. These people follow their minds, not others or orders. Because they’re strong willed and willing to walk an unbeaten path, they can’t be bought, influenced, controlled or intimidated as easily as the rank and file types. And it’s for these reason, Independents and “Others” are feared, shunned and shutout whenever and wherever possible. Independents and “Others” are the wild card that strikes fear in the heart of the establishment.
The level of chaos Bernie Sanders could bring to the Democrat’s National Convention would be unprecedented and revolutionary. And when you get right down to it, isn’t that what Independents and others really want to see? Perhaps 2016 could be remembered as the year the stranglehold of Democrat and Republican Party bosses was broken. Perhaps 2016 could be remembered as the year Americans fought for and won their own choice to represent their interest in the White House. You must admit, it would be a first.
Bottom line: Although we’re chomping at the bit to explore Canada’s socioeconomic model up close and personal under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership, as well as giving Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Germany the once over, somehow what might occur in Philadelphia this summer could be politically earthshaking to say the least. And after observing events to date in America’s 2016 election process, you just never know what could happen next.
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