Issues Under Fire: Terrorism & America’s Forever War
After Tuesday’s lone wolf terror attack in lower Manhattan, we’re thoroughly convinced America’s war on terror will likely never end. If spending trillions of dollars and the loss of millions of lives (if you consider the totality of casualties on all sides of the equation) brings us no closer to a solution, then reasonable people are compelled to conclude, there will be no conclusion. Observing the latest press conferences by government officials confirmed our assessment of this ever-expanding conflict. The responses now seem almost boilerplate. And that’s not exactly encouraging.
They were all there. The Mayor, the Police Commissioner and the Governor, taking the lead in offering condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones, they went on to provide details of the event. We got the casualty count. The perpetrator was identified. His motives clarified and of course, law enforcement’s professional and rapid response was recognized. That’s always important. It gives the public a sense of security when it’s needed most. From that point on they finished up with the usual reminder that New Yorkers are strong, resilient and will never cower in the face of terror. And they were right. Lower Manhattan’s Halloween Parade went on as scheduled.
Still, by our estimation, something was all too familiar about this picture. We’ve seen it before with the same ending. No proposed solutions to the problem other than remaining vigilant and staying true to our values. There were no alternative strategies to the usual proposals that follow these events. So, if you guessed additional funding for homeland security and the department of defense, pat yourself on the back, because you “Get It.”  And if you got that, you probably understand additional funding for Homeland Security and the military is not the answer. Yet, that’s what we’re expected to accept. But do we?
If you recall Tuesday’s somewhat snarky post entitled “Replacing Congress With A.I. May Be the Answer”, you’ll recall we intimated Artificial Intelligence could play a significant role in limiting and providing solutions to the ever-increasing terror threat. Considering the latest event, we think this is a good time to revisit those thoughts. If we’re relying on Congress to figure out a new path forward to address terrorist threat against America, we might as well accept the fact that the terrorists will win. And since what that means is too horrible to fathom, we recommend removing that awesome responsibility from the corrupt and incompetent.
If a consumer product like Amazon’s Alexa can gather and dispense enough data to become an indispensable digital assistant to help manage a busy lifestyle, just imagine what else digital labs can produce. Accessing top-secret and classified data for analysis, along with trillions of gigabytes of data collected daily by the NSA, and others, of what the planet is doing and saying every nanosecond that ticks by, this product could offer solutions for just about anything. And those solutions would be so accurate, no Congressional input would be necessary. Super Alexa’s recommendations would be adopted without debate, discussion or delay. End of story.
Bottom line: America has finally reached a point where it’s now on a permanent war footing. “We the People” are now being told the fight against terror will last at the very least, twenty to thirty more years. Sitting back and accepting what the so-called experts are predicting, will have our great grandchildren being asked to say something if they see something. We say give technology a try. It can’t possibly do any worse than what Congress or “45” is doing now or will do in the future. Podcast below.