Anyone who’d take the time to monitor the racial climate in America will quickly find the temperature has risen appreciably in the last eight years. Similar to the earth’s climate change, the racial climate in America is showing clear and irrefutable evidence of racial hostilities heating up between Whites and Blacks. And similar to the earth’s climate change, there will be those who’ll deny that clear and irrefutable evidence as it stares them straight in the face.
It shouldn’t take more than a cursory examination of recent and current events to determine that Black people in America are under attack on nearly every front one can imagine. From law enforcement to White extremist, Black America is under siege. If the Black American protest the violence being visited upon them by heavy handed policing, they’re targeted and or provoked by White extremist for complaining. If the Black American dare to seek justice through the legal system, they’re put off, misdirected or simply ignored.
When Black Americans appeal to America’s leadership for relief, they’re either routinely dismissed after the authorities absolve themselves of any wrong doing or when necessary, bought off through court ordered settlements to keep the masses quiet until the next outrageous event. When Black Americans come under attack from White extremist hellbent on starting a race war, a few knuckleheads will be apprehended, charged and convicted for their crimes. Unfortunately that’s where the story always ends, when it should be where the story begins.
The headlines are littered with tales of those arrested after shooting or killing a Black person, that the assailant’s motive was to trigger a war between the races. There are endless tales of American law enforcers shooting or killing an unarmed Black American, only to be found innocent of any charges when the law enforcer routinely claims he was in fear of his life.
Since it doesn’t take a genius to imagine some in law enforcement are harboring many of the same sentiments of the White extremist, one can reasonably presume a negative outcome whenever a Black citizen comes in contact the law. Thus, you have a perfect circle of violence being perpetrated against a defenseless target.
As these events continue to play out across the nation, its painfully obvious to this observer that Black Americans have no more protections from the Justice System, than they do from the White extremist dedicated to annihilating them. If one factors in the stress and strain from the ease of access to drugs and guns, but almost no access to adequate education and job opportunities, one can almost see the conspiracy writing itself on the wall. You don’t need FBI statistics to prove what can be seen by the naked eye.
Bottom line: While wars are declared almost every day in some part of the world, you won’t hear anyone admitting an all out and ongoing war against Blacks people is occurring in America today. A race war would be bad for business, bad for public relations, and most importantly, bad for the nation’s projected narrative. As long as America can keep Blacks from connecting the dots, the longer Black Americans will continue deluding themselves into believing they have a future in the United States.
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