In continuing our efforts to enlighten our audience to the many issues confronting this nation as the 08 election creeps ever so slowly but steadily nearer, we thought we’d take a serious look at the how the so called front runners plan on handling the global warming problem facing American and the world. Starting with the Democrats today, Hillary and Barack get the first bit of scrutiny.

After visiting their respective websitesHillary Clinton appears to have glossed over the issue compared to Barack Obama as his website has devoted far more copy to the problem than that of Hillary’s. His site is far more specific as to what he would do to combat the problem, spelling his plans out in great detail; so much so that we got tire of reading it. That is not a slight against Mr. Obama; quite to the contrary, it is a compliment as this inconvenient truth is boring subject matter to engage and it is that exact reason the planet is in the fix it is in right now.
The global warming issue is going to take people like Al Gore and his egghead friends to keep pounding the world over the noggin until we take the situation seriously enough to make the needed changes before it is too late.

While watching the western states suffer major droughts, the current fires in California, the battles presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson is in with the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and other mid-west stated that circle the Great Lakes over getting some of theirs, along with the fight Georgia is in with Florida over their forced water contributions, it don’t take a genius to realize, water not oil may be what America is going to war over next.After seeing how little detail Hillary’s people elected to delve into and state clearly, in writing what their plans will be, we can only surmise they are taking the corporate wait and see approach, or worse, just say as little as possible in order not to offend future campaign contributors.

Like most Americans, the Democrat and Republican debates are getting more and more tedious to endure despite recent efforts to be cute and entertaining while they go after each other on topics they want us to think is important. But the fact of this particular matter is, the debates thus far has not focused sharply enough on global warming, as we think this issue may be the hot potato none of the candidates want to get pinned down on.

Over the next few days we will start looking at all the candidates’ positions on this planetary problem to see how far out on a limb each is willing to go as well as who is going to show real leadership, guts, wisdom and the ability to work with China, India and anybody else that may still place short term business gains above the need for a greener earth. Click here to download or on air to stream.