You’d think after spending a $trillion on a war to kill and maim hundreds of thousands of men women and children, we’d at least get a parade. We’re sure Cable TV ratings and YouTube views would be off the hook if we had video of “The troops” marching down Broadway proudly showing off their trophies of war. Maybe the heads of Iraqi insurgents on pikes and necklaces of  human ears strung together with cat guts. You know, the crazy shit that happens in war only insiders dare whisper about. Just a few trinkets and keepsakes for proof to the boys back home. 

No matter, its all over now or at least for the near future. The script writers need the passage of little time before the rewrites can commence. Soon we’ll forget the Vice President’s surprise trip to chart a new relationship between the two countries after all American forces have left the country had to be shrouded in secrecy until his arrival. And eventually, nobody will concern themselves with the fact that the last troops to evacuate left on the “really down low”. 

This is not exactly a sign of victory. No, this was more of an opportunity to get the hell out while the getting was good. For those still willing to argue the US won the Iraq war, we say that assertion can be tested. Simply allow Dick Cheney to wheel his fat ass around a Baghdad bazaar without a flack jacket for more than five minutes and see what happens. 

In fact few high profile officials from the US could ever show up in Baghdad with out serious precautions and heavy security. Most of that security btw, was mostly private and all of it very expensive. One would think if we were leaving a grateful nation of Iraqis for all our sacrifices, the vice president wouldn’t have to sneak into Iraq and our troops wouldn’t have to sneak out.

One would think a representative of  the avenging warriors like Vice President Biden, would be able to land Air Force 2 on the tarmac of Baghdad International with bands playing and dignitaries standing at attentions prepared to extend eternal thanks. After all, we did liberate them didn’t we? 

The ugly reality is, the United States had to ease itself out of Iraq like a thief in the night. After all the wasted resources and precious human life, there is little to show for breaking in and breaking up that nation but more of what was already there; a seething animosity by those in the entire region. Only now that animosity is far more justified. 

Sorry no confetti for these conquering heroes, as its time to start marketing the “We Don’t Like or Ever Want War” campaign again.

May the conscience and the common sense of the peoples be awakened, so that we may reach a new stage in the life of nations, where people will look back on war as an incomprehensible aberration of their forefathers!

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