Over the weekend, this observer had a bit of an epiphany. While Issues Under Fire generally investigate, analyze and report on international and geopolitical issues, this latest racial dustup in America has opened our eyes to some interesting and disturbing similarities between African Americans and that of the Palestinian people.
The Palestinian people had their land taken from them and African Americans were taken from from their land. In both cases, these people were left without a space they could control for themselves and call their own. In both cases, they are forced to live under a legal system that don’t protect them and live under the threat of force if they don’t.
The Palestinian people live under Israeli occupation and domination. African Americans live under the occupation and domination of U.S. Law Enforcement. While some African Americans may have a sense of freedom, they are just as isolated from the general population through systemic and institutional racism as the Palestinian is isolated from Israel’s general population by 25 foot walls. Poor African Americans going to public schools, living in housing, and depending on public defenders know exactly how the average Palestinian lives.
Both the Palestinian and the African American suffer the daily indignities of being managed and monitored like animals in a cage. In fact, African Americans and Palestinians are often referred to as animals by those who hold the keys to their caged existence. Branded criminals by the color of their skin, both the Palestinian and the African American are feared, looked down upon and discriminated against. No matter where they go in their daily lives or what they do when the get there, both groups are constantly reminded, they’re presence in not wanted.
Upon completing a review of the Justice Department’s investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, it was clear, that the African American’s civil rights were not only routinely violated, but through fines and citations from Zero Tolerance and Broken Window policing methods, African Americans were actually financing the cost of their own oppression. Now that this revelations have come to the fore, this observe finds this issues too compelling to ignore.
Bottom line: If the Justice Department’s findings in Baltimore Md. are anything like what was uncovered in Ferguson Mo., it might be necessary to investigate every policing authority in the United States. Until we know just how widespread these social inequities and racial injustices have proliferated throughout the country, one must presume the worse.
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