In today’s podcast, we take a snap shot of the world’s hot spots and how US foreign policy efforts are handling the new challenges. Maybe it just hot and we just can’t wait to hit the beach, but as we review the global challenges the U.S. is facing now, it appears America is coming up short against consistently stubborn resistance. 

In short: A. Basha al-Assad still fighting, plus B. Iran ain’t budging. plus C. Thankfully Pakistan is forgiving. = D. The U.S. is losing diplomatic influence globally. Which leaves us with, F. It is What it Is. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will have her hands full traveling the world spinning face saving diplomatic jargon until the United States can find its footing. Hopefully, she has the stamina to withstand the rigors of the mission. 

Ms. Clinton is an old dame now and has appeared less than stellar in recent press events explaining US policy, efforts and contributions in various critical geopolitical crisis. On the other hand, the U.S. simply don’t have the juice to make nations jump the way they once did and no matter who is representing America, the optics would be the same. Lame! 

Lost and losing badly in the Middle East and beyond , the U.S. will need a decade or more to regroup before it can reengage in the region in any significant way. When Barack Obama is reelected in November, the America President should start aggressively laying the ground work for serious Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Anything short of that and the United States will wait another ten-twenty years to recover. Hey, we’re just sayin’