The daily massacres have done nothing to soften the Russian and Chinese’s stance of non intervention when it comes to Syria’s civil war. There, somebody had to say it! Syria has arguable descended into a full blown civil war. 

What is complicating things for those who determine what actually defines a civil war is the unknown number of factions fighting against each other. On the one hand, we have Basha al-Assad, resident mad man looking to extinguish malcontents at the drop of a hat to ensure the continuation of his brutal rule. Okay, we got that. 

But on the other hand we have a multitude of independent groups running through the streets dodging bullets, to accrue enough weapons to mount counter attacks against government forces. When its not quite clear who the “rebel forces” are and where and whom they’re getting weapons and support from, it impossible to tell the good guys (if any) from the bad guys (many), from the really bad guys (foreign elements looking for opportunities). 

Unfortunately, the world has been so preoccupied with the fate of the global economy, the Arab Spring in Syria was allowed to erode into a sectarian fight. Sectarian strife is a lot harder to settle than political conflicts since these fights bring the passions of history to the fore. 

With long standing grievances and scores having to be settled before any talks can begin, those who felt the need for a change want more that justice, they want blood and they want it now. The longer the sectarian violence continues, the more payback is gonna be needed to assuage the combatants. Since we are talking about a part of the world where every fight has to be the death, the madness in Syria will go on indefinitely. 

Considering Kofi Annan’s so called six point ceasefire initiative was essentially dead on arrival due to Russian and Chinese opposition, no matter how many bodies pile up in the streets of Syria, the world will be forced to plead while Syria continue to bleed. Its finger pointing time!