Issues Under Fire: Is Trump Ready for a Straitjacket?
Just because we’ve not seen mental health professionals chasing Donald Trump around the Oval Office in a desperate attempt to force-feed him psychotropic medications, doesn’t mean he’s not ready for a padded room. White House officials are doing all they can to keep America believing Donald Trump is sane and stable. And while we all know the world would be better off in the long-term knowing the truth, it’s understandable why they’re lying. If the international community ever concluded the President of the United States was out of his mind, the consequences would be catastrophic. Think about this carefully. Please.
Any verifiable revelations of Donald Trump’s incapacitating psychoses would destabilize a world already on the brink of chaos. To fully understand the horrific potential of Trump’s impulsive, insecure, thin-skinned, vindictive, narcissistic and egocentric nature, is to fully understand how precarious the world’s predicament is. At any second, the international community could be told the United States is at war with North Korea, Iran or both at the same time. We could also be told nuclear weapons have been authorized for use in these wars. What do you think that’ll do to global financial markets?
We could literally be living in the most dangerous time since the beginning of humankind. And we need to take this moment in history seriously. The leader of the free world is crazy. To ignore its true significance would be as foolhardy as those who think they can cover up the president’s mental maladies. After fighting a losing legal battle to keep Michael Wolf’s book “Fire and Fury” from being released to the public, Trump surrogates appeared on America’s Sunday talking head shows to viciously disparage the author and tout the president’s lifetime accomplishments. 
They spoke of Donald Trump’s political genius, They hyped his business acumen and of course his television celebrity-dom. They made a valiant effort to sell the idea that no one as successful as Donald Trump has been could possibly be screwy. Unfortunately, all failed miserably. In fact, the more Trump supporters tried to make “45” seem sane, the crazier they appeared themselves. In one particularly disturbing interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and senior White House adviser Stephen Miller, the conversation became volatile. And it remained that way for the duration of the segment.
Mr. Miller became so verbally combative, talking over and interrupting the program’s host, this observer began to question if he was playing with a full deck. Miller seemed angry, hostile and prepared for a fight from the onset. He accused Tapper of being condescending. He accused Tapper of being hysterical. He also accused CNN of media bias and providing 24/7 negative news coverage of Donald Trump. So, Miller demanded time to refute the lies he felt were being perpetrated against his boss. He went on to wage a non-stop verbal assault against the news outlet and Tapper personally. 
Miller’s performance was almost as embarrassingly unwatchable as the President’s Camp David news conference where he too failed to sell the world on his sanity and stability. After cabinet members took turns lavishing praise on the administration’s accomplishments during 2017 and plans for 2018, Donald Trump unwisely began taking questions regarding his psychological fitness to perform and fulfill the duties of the United States presidency. It was a disaster because the more he spoke of his soundness of mind, the less convincing he appeared. When Trump tweeted he was a very stable genius, that was the proverbial Red Flag.
Bottom line: Donald Trump has found the need to defend his own sanity. Unfortunately, having to do so is only because he’s the last one to know he’s insane. Over the years, those closest to him have tried to give Trump hints, advice and counsel to change his thinking, but history has shown any and all helpful suggestions were rejected because Trump has convinced himself he is smarter than everyone else. If you’re not worried, you might be ready for a straitjacket, too. Podcast below.