Issues Under Fire: Trump Says Electing Clinton Could Trigger WW-3, We Say Stay Tuned

 While we’re convinced Donald Trump is woefully ignorant of U.S. foreign policy, international affairs and the current geopolitical realignment that’s in play, we must admit, he may be on to something when he claims a Clinton presidency could lead to World War 3. And since his assertion is based upon Hillary Clinton’s continued calls for a no fly zone in Syria where Russia rules the skies, we reviewed our notes only to find if WW-3 is gonna start, it’ll start there. Let us explain.
We’ve been covering Syria’s civil war from its initial street protest of the now defunct Arab Spring, to this horrible hot mess that’s drawn maniac militants from all parts of the world. A nation bathing in blood from enemies both foreign and domestic, its leader Bashar al-Assad met the challenge with brutal and indiscriminate force. Unfortunately, that strategy backfired. 
Rather than quell a civil insurrection, his tactics only invited more foreign fighters to contend with. Bashar al-Assad was under siege and needed help. So, he called his pals in Moscow and Tehran. Without delay, Russia sent air power and logistical support and Iran sent man power and money. Together, they started killing any Syrians defying the government or foreign fighters refusing to leave. There was no distinction between Syrian rebels or glory seeking jihadists. Man, woman or child, if your loyalty to the Syrian government couldn’t be proven, your fate was fu@ked and it still is to this day.
Since Barack Obama clearly wanted no part of this madness, more hawkish members of his administration would have to wait for the inevitable humanitarian crisis to develop. And with Russian air strikes and Bashar al-Assad’s military targeting anything with a pulse, that didn’t take very long at all. Before you could say WTF, the sob stories were filling the front pages. There were reports of “moderate” rebels dying by the minute, while pictures of shellshocked babies being dragged from bomb cratered hospitals brought tears to the viewers eyes. Bashar al-Assad is a war criminal “the hawks” said. “He’s lost all legitimacy to lead”, they said. “He must go now”, they said. But “the hawks” never specifically said how that would happen.
If we can’t convince the American people to put boots on the ground (and they can’t), the hawks said a no fly zone must be established to protect the innocent and other non-combatants. Unfortunately, we previously reported, the Russians have provided the Syrian government with its sophisticated S-300 and S-400 air defense systems designed to take down any unauthorized aircraft operating in Syria’s sovereign airspace. Hence, the Russians have already established a de facto no fly zone. 
Since we’re unaware of ISIS or any other crazed jihadist crews flying missions over Syria or anywhere else for that matter, the Russian’s de facto no fly zone is a clear message to the United States and its regional BFF, the Israelis. And that clear message is, “We Got This.” And they do. Any effort to establish a no fly zone in a country where a no fly zone has already been established can be considered an act of war. Now, here’s where this story heats up.
Hillary Clinton is a staunch supporter of the state of Israel and fully committed to its security. And since Israel has always felt Syria’s Bashar al- Assad was a threat to their security, Hillary “the hawk” Clinton will be committed to removing him by any means necessary. However, that won’t be easy, because a Hillary Clinton administration will have to confront Russia and Iran first to get that done. And considering the difficulties the United States has had dealing with relatively small fries like ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban and other troublesome terror crews, mixing it up with a nuclear armed Moscow and an economically revitalized Tehran could prove embarrassing. 
Bottom line: While predicting World War Three may be a bit of a stretch at the moment, the idea of the United States being nudged ever so closer to a military conflict with Russia over Israeli security concerns is hardly beyond reason. One must remember, when it comes to Israeli security, there’s nothing the United States wouldn’t pledge to protect it. Absolutely nothing! Podcast below.