Trump Vs. Comey in Battle for the Truth
Well, it’s official, the clash between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey can aptly be billed as the the fight of this century. When Donald Trump stood in the White House’s Rose Garden and accused James Comey of lying under oath in front of the entire world, he wasn’t just making news, Donald Trump was making history. And there’s no turning back now. Promising to testify under oath himself to refute Mr. Comey’s testimony takes this fight to a level we’ve not seen before. This is spectacular. This is sensational. This is stunning. This is the Donald Trump Show.
As this political saga unfolds before our eyes in real time, the intrigue, tension, uncertainty, anticipation, excitement and apprehension is on full display. While Donald Trump could’ve simply put this issue to rest by handing over the “tapes” or admitting they don’t exist, he chose to keep the world in suspense. Donald Trump has turned his entire presidency into a series of gripping cliffhangers. Like the end of a chapter in an old movie serial, where the hero is facing certain death, Trump miraculously escapes the dooming peril just in the nick of time. Only this time, Donald Trump is facing legal jeopardy and this chapter of his presidency could be the beginning of his end.
If what we think we know about Donald Trump is even remotely true, he’ll have a difficult time navigating the legal land mines investigators will place in his path. And having a reputation for being a pathological liar won’t help. It’s fairly common knowledge that when the FBI starts asking questions, generally they already know the answers. They just want to see if you’ll answer honestly. If you don’t, they’ve got your ass. In many cases, it’s not even the criminal offenses they’re probing for that get the subject in trouble. It’s the lies. So, if Trump is the type of person who couldn’t tell the truth to save his own life, one can see the last few chapters of his presidency are being written right now.
Perhaps Donald Trump thinks this is a game he can win. Perhaps he’s actually having fun toying with the justice system. Or more likely, perhaps Donald Trump was simply clueless as to the legal consequences he’d invited upon himself by telling the world he’d contest James Comey’s testimony under oath. James Comey testified for hours both in public and privately. That’s a lot of testimony (most of it damning) to refute without straying from the truth. And all it takes is once. 
This is dangerous for all parties concerned, because this is now a zero sum game. This is no longer a matter of there being a misinterpretation or a misunderstanding of what was said between these two men. This is one man saying what was said was never said at all. When or if Donald Trump places his hand on the bible and pledges to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, from that moment on, we’ll all know, one of these men lied. One of these men committed a felony. And one of these men should face jail because this is not the sort of thing that can end in a tie. Somebody has to lose. And the loser losses big.
Bottom line: The enormity of this event can not be overstated, because the stakes could never be higher. Bar none, what we’re witnessing is the biggest show on earth. The entire planet is watching to see how the world’s leading Democracy copes with a political crisis of this magnitude. Will Donald Trump survive this latest dustup? Will the White House scandals continue? Will anything but investigations get done in Washington D.C. in the foreseeable future? If you wanna know, you’ll have to “Stay Tuned” for the next chapter of “How Donald Trump is Making America Great Again”. Podcast below