U.S. Progressives Should Be Inspired By Emmanuel Macron 
The youngest leader since Napoleon Bonaparte and one who’d never run for political office before, Emmanuel Macron, managed to disrupt the French political establishment in historic fashion.  Forming his own startup political movement – “En Marche (In Motion)”, Marcron understood France was so dissatisfied with the stagnation of the status quo, French voters were looking for new faces to deliver new ideas. A centrist, Macron considers En Marche! to be a progressive movement, uniting both the left and the right. Will it work? Only time will tell, but what we do know is, Macron proved political establishments can be beaten.
Macron founded En Marche! on April 6th, 2016 and little more than a year later, he’s France’s President Elect. Progressives in the United States should take heart, take notice and take a lesson from what Emmanuel Macron accomplished in France. He broke the stranglehold of the two major political Parties and ushered in an overdue alternative. Whether President Elect Macron is the direction France needs or even really wants is not the point. The point Progressives should take away from En Marche! is, if En Marche! can happen in France, it can happen in America.
Because American voters are just as sick and tired of their underperforming and unresponsive political establishment, this might be just the example Progressives need to show Americans, political alternatives should be taken seriouly. This could be the opportunity in history that allows Progressives to expand America’s political options by clearly defining their mission and distinguishing their message from the Democratic Party’s. Let’s face it, Progressives are more people friendly, while Democrats are more business friendly. And therein lies the problem.
Need we remind you, while Progressives are demanding a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, Hillary Clinton would’ve settled for $12? Progressives want universal single-payer healthcare, to rival what other civilized nations provide their citizenry, while Nancy Pelosi won’t even go there. By her own words, “Let’s not forget, we are capitalists”, she proudly touted in a recent Town Hall meeting. No, the Democrats will settle for working with health insurance companies to “slow” the rise of healthcare cost, not stop it. Progressives want free college tuition, while Democrats will fight to make sure student loans are properly serviced by lenders. Get the picture?
Still, some would say Democrats and those who identify themselves as Progressives have more in common than otherwise, but if one considers how Democrats raise money and the perceived cozy relationship the Party has with the corporate class, one would find plenty of daylight between the two. While one could politely call this difference a conflict between the pragmatist and the principled, we have to call it what it is. This is the difference between people who’ll sell you out and people who won’t.
Bottom line: With momentum for radical political change circulating the globe, this is a time for American Progressives to seize the moment and establish themselves as the engine of economic populism. Now is the time to educate, organize and mobilize American citizens to challenge the concept that a third Party alternative is a waste of their votes. So, now that we know it can be done, the question is, who’ll be America’s Emmanuel Macron? Podcast below.

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