The military has gone on the offensive against the White House by publicly calling for an urgent troop build up in Afghanistan, while President Obama clearly wants to consider less costly and dramatic options. With leaked reports to the Washington Post indicating the need for an additional 40 thousand troops within 12 months and General McChrystal’s appearance on 60 Minutes this Sunday past, it seems the president is being placed in a position of either crap or get off the pot. Even though the president may have contributed to this most difficult dilemma, he does have a few credible cards to play should he decide to pull back.

Today, we discuss throwing the corrupt Hamid Karzai and his alleged drug dealing brother Ahmed Wali over the side. We consider the fact that Afghanistan’s extremely fractured, tribal,regional warlord led country will never be accepting of a centralized government. We ponder the fact that Karzai had to steal an election to remain in power with the vast majority of Afghans not recognizing his authority. With all of the aforementioned being easily verifiable, a much stronger case can be made for Sen. Carl Levin’s approach. Click here to download the podcast