If President Obama is serious about and committed to reversing the negative impact mankind is having on the planet, vetoing any Keystone Pipeline legislation that comes his way and fighting the coal industry with science should be where he makes his stand. With support from the world’s most prominent climatologist, the President has the unequivocal evidence to justify combatting any efforts to maintain the status quo. The problem is real and the problem is growing.
Understandably, this won’t be easy, considering the President will be undermined by Congressional simpletons every step of the way. Even as President Obama negotiated an historic agreement with China to ease emissions by 2025 and 2030 respectively, Senate trash was stateside sniping at the accomplishment. Kentucky Fried Chicken-Shit, Mitch McConnell wasted no time finding an opportunity to bash the deal, citing negative economic repercussions for his state. Here is a man who fails to see the big picture.
To date, it remains a mystery as to who GOP and Democrat flunkies of the energy industry are relying upon for their climate change data, as they’re way out of sync with the rest of the world. Whenever the opposition to common sense argues for a future of global droughts and black lung disease, they always weigh those obvious cons with the pros of jobs. One has to imagine the jobs being promised by the “pro-chokers” and dust bowl advocates must pay extremely well since the entire planet will be making the sacrifice to create them.
Still, placing the needs of a few, above the rest of the world is not exactly news, so the President will have to remain in combat mode for the remaining duration of his presidency. This is not the time for backing down, backing up or bending over. This is no longer an issue for debate. When it comes to the health of the planet, there can be no concessions or compromises. The lies and the willful ignorance must be confronted forcefully.
Bottom line: The world has been told and fully understands, time is running out. It is clear, the consequences will be dire if no action is taken to address the unsustainable levels of greenhouse gases. If nothing else gets done for the next two years but watching President Obama veto narrow minded, profit driven, corporate funded legislation, so be it. Its the right thing to do.
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