Don’t worry, we’re still in chill mode. However, some issues must be acknowledged at the time of occurrence and President Obama’s efforts to rally the world against ISIL/ISIS is just such an issue. Disturbingly, the only word to describe  the United States’ approach to tackling this Islamic threat thus far is “discombobulated”.
Its becoming undeniably clear, the administration has been overwhelmed by the speed and complexities of events in the region and is scrambling for partners to help defend against ISIL/ISIS’ dessert storm of violence. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has few partners in the region that still trust or can be influenced the U.S. anymore.
Since the United States has consistently demonized Iran and Syria, the Obama administration can hardly allow itself to be seen seeking help from its enemies. Ironically, Iran and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad are the two most well positioned military entities capable of thwarting ISIL/ISIS’ progress.
With a little help from the Western air strikes, the Kurds and whatever is left of the Iraqi army, the region might be able to buy enough time to heal some wounds. That time could also be used to change the Islamic narrative. That time could give moderate Islamic voices a chance to combat the extremist vision of Islam.
To count on anything but lip service from so-called “regional allies” would be an act of delusion. The blunt reality is, the United States has no allies, friends or partners in this region of the world. It only has interest to protect and maybe a few business relationships. U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond has been so erratic and aggressive, its more of a punch line to a bad joke than anything else.
Bottom line: The United States has lost control of the Middle East. Maintaining its current strategy of refusing to include Iran and disrespecting Syria’s sovereignty in confronting ISIL/ISIS, will only accelerate the loss of containment of this violent Islamic movement. More Monday!
In the meantime, we got Rocky Jordan in Count Me Out 1940s
A hot Egyptian dancer, two disappearing Arabs and a deal too tempting to ignore has Rocky on the ropes and almost out for the count. In this episode entitled Count Me Out, our Cairo club owner and all around tough guy, nearly takes the fall for a curvaceous honey and the promise of a lot of money. Enjoy and share.