What About the American Oligarchs?

After President Obama gave Ukraine interim PM Yatsenyuk a platform to plead his case for world assistance, many have yet to be convinced this overblown crisis should take America’s eyes off its own challenges. While White House officials seek sanctions to pressure Russian oligarchs, there’s precious little attention paid to American oligarchs pressuring America’s middle and lower classes.

If Vladimir Putin’s stated goal is to strengthen the Russian Federation by increasing its influence, stature and economy by whatever legal or barely legal means necessary, one could find difficulty arguing with that message. If Vladimir Putin stated the West should be focused on those same goals instead of meddling in someone else’s backyard, again, one could find difficulty arguing with that message.

This week President Obama made a special visit to a New York City Gap store to praise the company for voluntarily raising its minimum wage for new hires stating 2015. While that’s a start, the fact remains, the “real” powers that be have totally shut down congressional debate and tabled that populace issue until Congress can spare the time to revisit it again.

In the meantime, the demonizing and busting of unions continues unabated, while corrupt GOP agents of the “one percent” relentlessly bash any meager gains Obama-Care promises. Having his hands tied by America’s shadowy oligarchs, President Obama has been reduced to begging big employers one at a time, to have a heart. Perhaps his next stop should be at a Wall-Mart.

Senator Markey of Mass. worries Ukraine crisis creating push to export American economy’s low-cost natural gas advantage

The Headline: WASHINGTON (March 6, 2014) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the Foreign Relations subcommittee with jurisdiction over international energy security, today said that he opposes efforts to expedite new natural gas exports, the calls for which have increased during the crisis in Ukraine.

Without any debate to determine if exporting America’s natural gas is in the national interest, lawmakers are hurriedly looking for ways to increase the profits of major oil companies by placing that gas on the open market. Such actions “might” temporarily help Europe and hurt Russia, but the higher cost to American consumers will be long term.

As soon as that precious commodity starts to flow worldwide, energy CEO’s have a fiduciary responsibility to share holders to get the highest price for it the market will bear. The fact that Americans will likely end up paying more for energy is a negative consequence few in Congress seem to be very concerned about.

Since the law currently favors allowing exports of natural gas unless it’s determined that they are not in the national interest, Sen. Markey’s new bill would shift that presumption in favor of American consumers, the U.S. economy and  U.S. national security. Considering the large volumes of natural gas exports already being permitted, somebody had to cap the flow somewhere, to cap the cost.

Bottom line: No one doubts Ukrainians have been robbed plundered and pillaged, but the Russian oligarchs who did it to them, aren’t the ones doing it to Americans. Rather than overreacting to an overblown crises, sensible observers are focusing their attention on those insatiable American oligarchs, whose  been undermining the American dream.

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