Pressure from America’s “Thinking class” will mount as the Hillary Clinton money machine threatens to rob Democrats Liberals and Progressives of options, debate or even a lively conversation. And this, from the Party of Choice. There was a reason Hillary Clinton was rejected in 2008 and if need be, we’ll be happy to remind America why when the time comes.

Normally, it’d be below this writer to engage America’s dysfunctional political process again, but the fact that voters are being marketed a worn out retread instead of fresh new faces and ideas is more than troubling. These are difficult times and looking backward is noway to navigate them. Instead of searching the countryside far and wide for America’s most talented, the citizenry is being snookered into embracing one of America’s most tainted.
For those who think Hillary Clinton is any less corrupted by private money, beholden to the Wall Street crews or corporate contributions, you’re fooling yourself. If you think Hillary Clinton could have delivered a Public Option, put Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein behind bars where they belong, gotten a better deal with Iran or is any less devoted to AIPAC, you haven’t been paying attention. If you’re convinced Hillary Clinton would have garnered any more cooperation from the GOP, you probably don’t have a clue.
Apparently to satisfy a particularly vocal and popular demographic, (upper middle class white women) we got a bunch of stiff clits attempting to steamroll the country into blindly supporting Hillary Clinton without an opportunity to see what else America can produce. Perhaps electing America’s first women president will gratify some primal itch to be on top, but its got to be the right women.
Bottom line: A reality check will undoubtedly confirm, no matter who occupies the White House, Black or White, man or woman, the average Joe/Jane Public’s life won’t change a Goddamn bit.
Other News: 
An aid deal to the hopeless in Homs is in the works, but details remain murky since all warring factions have yet to sign off. Russia’s Vladimir Putin may have pressured Bashar al-Assad to hold the moral high ground, but the West has yet to prove they can do likewise with the Syrian opposition. Stay tuned!