Observing Senator Bernie Sanders stumble badly addressing his lack of enthusiasm for reparations to African Americans brought some interesting alternatives to mind.

Considering America rarely, if ever admit wrongdoing and whenever forced to do so, those admissions rarely includes an apology, the odds of African Americans being compensated for past atrocities remain too small to take the issue seriously.

Still, just for the sake of argument, what if America broke with standard operating procedure of neither confirming nor denying institutionalized racism exist in this country and the issue of reparations became a real possibility? What if negotiators came to a fair and agreed upon, one time settlement payment for anyone who can prove they’re descendants of American slaves? What would African Americans do with the windfall? What would you do?

Would you buy a new house, move to a new neighborhood, start a business and put your kids in private school? Would you invest in your own education while putting funds aside for your retirement? Would you spend your money in your community? Since the answer to these questions is yes in most cases, one has to ask, will Black Lives Matter anymore in America, than they do today? Think about this carefully.

From this observer’s perspective, no amount of reparations will have an effect on the expanding racial divide in America. Sure, one may find one’s self a little better off financially, but the root cause of the Black experience in the United States will remain, because institutionalized racism will remain rooted in the American experience. While some Whites will be happy to be rid of the issue, others will resent caving in to Black demands. And that being the case, why not consider an alternative.

Depending on the size of one’s compensation package for being Black in America, African Americans might want to take the money and run. Those uninterested in waiting another four hundred years to see if America every matures beyond its current state will take their windfall and resettle in more racially tolerant spaces on the planet. They do exist you know. Why stay someplace where you know you’ll never be accepted as an equal?

Some African Americans will be willing to brave a new world, blaze a new trail and put America and what America means to them behind them. Some African Americans will buy a home, start a business and invest in a future for they’re kids some place else. Some African Americans have a lower tolerance for racial injustice, while others are simply fed up with the BullSh*t. But no matter how you cut it, this is a win win win for all parties concerned.

Bottom line: Many White Americans will be glad to see many African Americans packing their bags. Many African Americans will be celebrating their departures. And just as many new host countries will be thrilled for once to see people showing up at their door and shores with the means to support themselves and positively impact their economies. The only thing the new host countries will require in most cases, is for newcomers to learn their language. This is a small price for those willing to expand their comfort zones.

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