Obama, Russia, Ukraine, Sanctions, Iraq, Iran

Returning from Father’s Day weekend with the first family, President Obama had to brace himself for the hoards of advisors presenting prepared updates, briefings and options for every hot conflict heating up around the world. Having to prioritize a mounting list of chaotic events competing for an immediate response has to be overwhelming even for a “Smart Guy”.

During the president’s brief absence, Russian rebels shot down a plane killing Ukrainian military personnel, Russia cuts off Ukraine’s gas supply for non-payment of a $1.9 billion bill while Russia began hosting the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow this week. Despite threats of looming sanctions, by all reports, more than 5000 delegates representing hundreds of companies and 80 nations eager to do business showed up for the event. Its not completely clear what this all means in the big picture, but you can bet the administration is pissed.

Obama Under Mounting Pressure:

Considering Afghanistan’s weekend election was marred by Taliban violence and claims of fraud, along with ISIS capturing and holding more territory as the Iraq military struggle to locate its spine, the realization of how well Russia has been holding up under Western pressure may have been the best of all the really bad news.

Having to compromise long standing principals to simply contemplate collaborating and possibly coordinating with Iran to respond to ISIS’ atrocities must have President Obama perplexed and somewhat stymied. Coming up with a plan to work with Iran, whose working with Syria, while working on Saudi Arabia, among others to stop funding ISIS and its ilk, while working with Turkey, so Turkey can work with the Kurds, who just want to left alone since they’ve already got Kirkuk, won’t be easy. Unfortunately, that’s what the world is waiting for.

Any decision made on any issue facing President Obama now, will be fraught with extreme danger, political traps and the loss of innocent lives. The President has to get this right, for there will be no opportunity to fix or repair mistakes later. Any missteps from this point forward will role over to the next administration and there goes any hopes of a noteworthy legacy.

Bottom line: Since President Obama is relying on a less than dynamic crew of creative, open minded, out of the box thinkers and a worthless Congress to boot, he’ll have to find a way to take enough time to make the best decisions, while being rushed to make every decision. Again, there is no room for error!

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