As the world impatiently awaits the United States Congress to regain control of itself, a small contingent of political insurrectionist remain committed to destabilizing the U.S. government for a purpose yet to be clearly and consistently articulated. Broadly claiming a smaller, less engaged U.S. government is the goal, renegade elements have failed to show the American people and the world how a smaller, less engaged U.S. government can remain as influential and still pack a punch.

Like it or not, as leader of the free world and stewards of the world’s economic structure, America has grown to be too big to fail. Advocates of smaller government have an obligation to paint a very detailed picture of what “America the Small” would look like. If global leadership has finally proven to be too much of a strain, too complicated and unaffordable, then it may be time for the formation of international investor conglomerates and cooperatives of nation states to fill the void the former American empire is leaving.

The world can ill afford to allow the future of the global economy to rest in the hands of the ignorant and the irresponsible. Forward thinking business leaders and international investors must start considering other more stable and predictable options to fortify themselves from the uncertainty of the United States Congress’. Can this happen overnight? Unlikely, but to wait for another outburst from radicals hellbent on advancing an agenda that will negatively impact economic conditions beyond U.S. borders would be foolhardy.

Those seeking to downsize and streamline the United States government while pulling back and disengaging from the world must realize they are advocating the demise of an empire. If you want to go small, that’s cool as long as you are aware of the perks you will no longer enjoy.

Global reach, unequaled dominance and international prestige have always been perks of the powerful, to say nothing of the low interest rates. But all that takes money, smart money management, a plan for the future and a unified government capable of execution that plan.

Unfortunately, the United States has no money and have no smart money managers even if it did have some money to manage. Worse yet, the United States has demonstrated it has no plan for the future. The country is literally writing the script of its downfall day by day.

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